• Older Adults Online


    This program consists of virtual encounters through videoconferencing technology. These interactive, social programs vary in content and enable participants from all over Israel to meet new friends, receive emotional support and learn new topics - all from within their home environment. Paid facilitators and volunteers, all of whom are professionals in this field, run the meetings. Topics include arts, history, health and current affairs. The program offers sessions in the morning and afternoon, with each participant having the opportunity to speak, listen and enrich the session.


    • Decrease feelings of loneliness and depression
    • Increase social interaction and stimulation
    • Maintain or strengthen functional ability (cognitive)
    • Sense of belonging to the community
    • Feels secure due to the presence of a support network
    • Included and integrated into the community

    Contract dates

    2012 - 2018 (Eshel will be entirely phased out of the program as of June 2018. Whereas Eshel will no longer have financial and operational responsibility for the program, it will have professional oversight over the program.)


    Ministry for Social Equality