• Healthy Aging Innovation Center


    Eshel and the Center for Digital Innovation (CDI) are working in partnership to address challenges older adults face. This partnership brings together academia, government and industry from Israel and around the world to address challenges related to aging from all angles. Innovation in this partnership allows access to real-time guidance from the end users, creating opportunities to pioneer research and advance ideas to the market to generate a whole new ROI.

    CDI's global cross-sectoral partnership and collaborative framework with local communities allows it to be a unique 360° enabler for innovations and entrepreneurship in focused areas – including Healthy Aging.

    Eshel and CDI-Negev envision a new paradigm for the third age: healthy aging. 

    Healthy aging is about more than physical health. Healthy aging celebrates seniors’ life experience, creates occupational opportunities, and enhances social connections. Healthy aging capitalizes on what older adults have to offer. 




    The Healthy Aging Innovation Center is a multidisciplinary center and simulation laboratory that deepens the understanding of the third age, develops solutions, and boosts this fast-growing global industry among Israeli innovators.

    Eshel is collaborating with CDI to promote the development of innovative solutions for older adults living in the community through a healthy aging simulation laboratory. This lab will simulate the everyday environment of older adults and allow for the close examination of their needs and challenges as well as the interaction with connected parties (family, social worker, doctor) in various scenarios.

    The center will support multi-disciplinary teams in reflecting, analyzing, developing, simulating and collaborating on technological solutions to improve older adults' quality of life and wellbeing. The Healthy Aging Innovation Center hub will bring researchers, professionals, hi-tech engineers, students, start-ups, public institutes and care professionals into direct contact with older adults' daily lives.

    In addition, the Innovation Center is in close proximity to Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Beersheba. This will encourage academic advancements in this field as researchers and students will be able test and evaluate innovations while conducting their research on topics such as gerontology.  


    • Stimulate innovation around interventions for healthy aging.
    • Proven and sustainable models and advanced research related to older adults' optimizing their physical and cognitive functional ability, increasing their sense of security and developing emotional resilience
    • Models and advanced research which provides older adults with the knowledge, tools and skills that will advance their independence and autonomy

    Contract dates

    2016 -


    CDI-Negev, National Insurance Institute, Ministry for Social Equality