• Community-Based Rehabilitation Service Model


    Rehabilitation is a process that enables a person to regain or relearn skills lost due to neurologic or structural injury, health conditions and aging. An optimal rehabilitation system includes a continuum of treatment from hospitalization to community-based programs. Guaranteeing a continuum will facilitate earlier release from rehabilitative hospital units and the patient’s return to his or her natural environment. This will reduce the need to develop institutions for long-term care and will lead to savings in healthcare costs.

    In previous years, Eshel’s main activities in the rehabilitative fields were through its Glickman Training Centers. These centers facilitate learning for health profession (e.g. physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and nursing) that advance rehabilitation for older adults. As of 2018, no rehabilitation center exists in the south of Israel. Therefore, professionals requiring training in rehabilitation or individuals requiring rehabilitation are required to travel 3+ hours (using public transport) to the center of the country – which is beyond the capabilities of most. The system for rehabilitation within the south of Israel is in need of organizational, structural and professional development. Older adults living in the community suffering a decline in functional ability are not receiving the rehabilitation services they require which can lead to deterioration, dependency, and death.


    Sufficient client-centered older adult rehabilitation services in the community – particularly in the south of Israel, as well as an increased awareness and utilization of existing rehabilitation services.


    The Community-Based Geriatric Rehabilitation Service Model (misgav), addresses the complex causes of functional decline in aging through a holistic, person-centered approach. Eshel is developing six misgav regional units in peripheral areas which will impact older adults and their family caregivers. The misgav units will integrate evidence-based multi-disciplinary geriatric rehabilitation, lifestyle medicine and social participation. The program will work on the professional development of 600 professionals working in the urban and regional centers.


    • Maintain and improve functional ability
    • Economic, operational and professional rehabilitation model
    • Increase awareness and utilization of rehabilitation services
    • Create a community of professionals in the field
    • Adopt a positive approach to rehabilitation as part of coping with aging processes
    • Utilizes rights and services effectively in accordance with needs

    Contract dates

    2017- 31/12/2022


    Ministry of Health, National Insurance Institute, HMOs (Maccabi, Clalit)