• Guidance Centers for Independent Older Adults


    70,000 Israelis retire each year and on average, they will live for an additional 20-25 years. The "young old" refers to the category of older adults in the 60+ age group who are retiring from the workforce and have at least two decades of healthy and active lives. Often, retirees do not fully understand the reality of leaving the workforce and being retired. After decades of a working routine, many older adults do not have the proper tools to cope with the challenges that retirement presents them economically and emotionally. 


    There are no centers or any form of national infrastructure that caters exclusively to the needs of independent older adults – in particular, volunteer and employment solutions, healthy aging interventions, how to prepare for and manage the retirement phase of life (emotional, psychological, financially), financial literacy and digital literacy.


    Eshel is designing and developing guidance centers for independent older adults throughout Israel. These centers will serve as a "one-stop shop" guidance and planning center for pre- and post-retirement older adults, to promote meaningful and active aging. The centers will help individuals create a tailor-made retirement plan that makes use of existing services and activities in the community. Through both personal counseling services and group workshops and conferences, the guidance center will empower participants' choices within the following categories:

    • Healthy aging
    • Employment & volunteer opportunities, including entrepreneurship courses, study opportunities and retraining for a new career.
    • Social and leisure activities
    • Preparation for retirementand how to optimally manage the retirement period
    • Financial literacy and planning
    • Digital literacy


    As of January 2019, there will be seven Guidance Centers in operation:

    1. Jerusalem
    2. Beersheba
    3. Tel Aviv
    4. Ashdod 
    5. Natzrat Illit 
    6. Emek Hefer
    7. Eshkol Negev HaMaaravi


    (The Center in Eshkol Negev HaMaaravi will comprise of three locations - Sderot, Netivot, and a third which has not yet been decided upon.)


    • Empowering retirees to maximize potential and contribute to society
    • Promote cognitive and physical stimulation to maintain functional ability
    • Leisure, volunteering and employment is in accordance with preferences and abilities
    • Strengthen emotional resilience
    • Empower older adults with a sense of purpose, meaning and ability
    • Acquires knowledge, tools and skills that advances independence and autonomy
    • Increase sense of belonging to the community and security due to the presence of a support network
    • Ability to cope with economic challenges

    Contract Dates

    2016 - December 2021


    Ministry of Social Equality, local authorities