• Independent Older Adults

    Life expectancy at birth in Israel is 81 years for men (fourth in the world) and 84.5 years for women (tenth in the world). The older adult population 65+ in Israel numbers approximately 1.1 million, comprising 11% of the total population. This proportion of older adults 65+ is expected to increase from 11% to 15% of the population over the next two decades.

    80% of Israel's older adults are characterized as being independent - with high levels of functional ability. With the older adult population forecasted to double by 2035 and advancements in medical and social interventions that are extending live expectancy by 6 hours per day, this population is only going to grow and strengthen. Currently, there are few resources and interventions that meet the needs of this growing population group.

    As of 2016, Eshel established a department that is focused on designing and nurturing models and services that are focused on the needs, wellbeing and prosperity of independent older adults. The infrastructure Eshel is developing will allow individuals to remain active, motivated and continue to contribute to society. This will have he benefit of delaying reduction in functional ability and dependency on others - often caused by inactivity, loneliness and depression.