Retirement Preparation Workshops

Retirement Preparation Workshops


The workshops target individuals who are 1-3 years away from retirement. Workshops comprise of 20 participants and meet for four sessions. The session topics are focused on future volunteer and employment opportunities, finding the "magic number" (the amount of money needed to live on during retirement), sources of income, setting limits for assisting adult children, and writing a will. Trained volunteers with backgrounds in financial assistance facilitate the workshops.


In 2017, the first twenty workshops were held across Israel. In 2018, 80 workshops are planned, and include the Arab and Russian speaking populations.


  • Leisure, volunteering and employment is in accordance with preference and abilities
  • Acquires knowledge, tools and skills that advances independence and autonomy
  • Emotional resilience – strengthens sense of purpose, meaning and ability
  • Feels secure due to the presence of a support network
  • Increased ability to cope with economic challenges


2016 - December 2018


Pa'amonim NGO, Ministry for Social Equality, Capital Market Authority, National Insurance Institute