Retirement Preparation Conferences

Retirement Preparation Conferences


This program supports and mentors local authorities in organizing and holding conferences for individuals who are 1-3 years prior to their retirement. Topics covered are proactive planning, senior citizen benefits, pension plans, and the emotional aspects of retirement.

The first 25 conferences held in 2017 across 10 local authorities, had 80-300 participants per conference.  

The conferences' key message is that retirement is not one big vacation - there are challenges and difficult decisions that need to be made to optimally navigate the next 20+ years of a retiree's life. 


  • Leisure, volunteering and employment is in accordance with preference and abilities
  • Acquires knowledge, tools and skills that advances independence and autonomy
  • Emotional resilience – strengthens sense of purpose, meaning and ability
  • Feels secure due to the presence of a support network
  • Increased ability to cope with economic challenges

Contract Dates

2016- 31/12/2018


Ministry for Social Equality, Ministry of Finance, National Insurance Institute, local authorities

Jdc-Eshel: Preparation for the Retirement Process (90 secs)