Community Model for Primary Caregivers- Shaked Support Centers

Community Model for Primary Caregivers- Shaked Support Centers


There is need for a centralized and integrated system that provides support and solutions for primary caregivers. Primary caregivers specifically need information, training, and assistance in navigating the fragmented services for older adults. Navigating these services, such as the National Insurance Institute, health care funds, hospitals, and local welfare agencies, can be very overwhelming to caregivers who are untrained in the health care field. There is also a need for increased awareness of the needs of caregivers within familial and professional settings.


This program provides support through "one-stop shop" Municipal Resource Centers for primary caregivers. The centers' holistic approach views the needs of the caregiver and the cared for older adult as a single family unit.

Professionals and volunteers assist caregivers in creating a holistic treatment plan for the family member. This work-plan is tailored to support the family caregiver and is modified according to the changing needs of the family unit. The center provides caregivers with information on how to access benefits for their relatives from different municipal services. The program also includes a campaign to raise public awareness around the needs of family caregivers. 

There are currently two Shaked primary caregiver support centers - Bat Yam and Bnei Brak.


  • Central location for ongoing and comprehensive support
  • Reduce stress and burnout
  • Improve self-care
  • Emotional resilience
  • Sense of belonging to the community
  • Feels secure due to presence of support network
  • Recognize caregivers as a unique population with distinct needs

Contract dates

 2014 - 2018


Local authorities, Associations for Older Adults, Ministry of Welfare, National Insurance Institute