Employment Centers for Independent Older Adults 60+

Employment Centers for Independent Older Adults 60+


With the increase in longevity in the Israeli population and low workforce participation (18%) of Israelis 65+, many older Israelis may find it difficult to support themselves during their later pre-retirement and retirement years. Continued employment through the 60s and 70s can prevent older adults from falling into poverty, while ensuring they are mentally and physically stimulated, utilizing their potential, and contributing to society.


Older adults seeking employment require customized services that will successfully enable them to find new employment. This includes creating a resume, interviewing skills, and mentoring throughout the job search process.  


The 60+ Placement Centers are designed to meet the unique needs of older adults who have retired after decades of productivity, but still have the ability and the desire to continue working. Candidates for this program may have different motivations – supplementing income, keeping busy, contributing to the community.

The centers offer a structured framework – consisting of employability workshops, soft skills training, and assistance with job placements. These provide participants with the proficiencies and self-confidence they require to rejoin the workforce. Moreover, while recruiting potential employers, the centers are fostering new attitudes about the benefits that an experienced person can bring to the workplace, regardless of his or her age. 


  • Empowered with a sense of purpose, meaning and ability
  • Employment is in accordance with preference and abilities
  • Acquires knowledge, tools and skills that advances independence and autonomy
  • Utilizes services effectively in accordance with preferences and needs
  • Emotional resilience – strengthens sense of purpose, meaning and ability
  • Feels secure due to the presence of a support network
  • Increased ability to cope with economic challenges

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Ministry of Social Equality, Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services