Marc Codron

Marc Codron

Strategic Partnerships

Marc Codron serves as JDC-Eshel’s Director of Strategic Partnerships.  In 2010, Marc left the world of finance to dedicate himself to caring for global Jewry, joining JDC's Global Resource Development team, where he worked until taking on his current role.

Marc began his career working as a financial analyst in the UK, and after moving to Israel, worked at global firms PwC and Deloitte as a financial consultant.  The seeds for his metamorphosis into a Jewish communal professional lie in his childhood in Zimbabwe and South Africa, where he was exposed firsthand to poverty, need and struggle, as well as the incredible power of small Diaspora Jewish communities. This led him to becoming actively involved in Jewish informal and formal Jewish education, and grooming the next generation of young Jewish leaders. 

Marc brings his passion for the Land of Israel and its people to foster strategic relationships that will impact the lives of older adults in Israel. As Israel faces one of the most dramatic demographic transformations in its history – the doubling of the senior population within the next 25 years, Eshel is formulating comprehensive responses to the complex challenges facing society as its population ages.

Marc has a B.A. in business management from the University of Cape Town, an MBA from the University of Wales and an M.A. in Future Studies from Bar Ilan University.  He lives in the south of Israel with his wife and four sabra children.  He is an avid swimmer, cricket and chess player.