Irina (Ira) Lipski

Irina (Ira) Lipski

Rehabilitation and Reablement

Ira was appointed head of JDC-Eshel's rehabilitation and reablement division in January 2018.  A partnership between JDC and the government of Israel, JDC-Eshel is tasked with formulating comprehensive responses to the complex challenges facing Israeli society as its population ages.

Ira Lipski has worked as a professional in the field of Jewish community development and welfare provision since 1992. Having graduated from the Belarusian State University with a BA and MA in physics, Ira was recruited as the Administrative Director of JDC’s Minsk office, when JDC began large-scale operations in former Soviet territories following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

After making Aliya in 1998, Ira assumed a series of roles in JDC’s FSU Department in Jerusalem, including Regional Coordinator for the Volga region, and Regional Coordinator for Moscow and Siberia. She also served as founding director of the School for NGO Leadership and Management in Moscow. From 2008 to 2010, Ira was JDC’s Representative in Georgia, working in particular with local community staff to develop local self-sufficiency and financial independence, while maintaining services and activities for the Georgian Jewish community.

From 2010-2014, Ira worked for the International Fellowship for Christians and Jews in Israel, where she was Director of Services for the Elderly, overseeing a national program to provide welfare assistance to some 20,000 elderly Israelis, and developing partnerships with local authorities, government ministries, and private contractors.

In 2016, Ira returned to JDC where she served as Co-Director of JDC-FSU's Field Operations Division, overseeing JDC's operations in Moldova and Ukraine, including efforts to help those affected by the crisis in Eastern Ukraine.