Nitzanit Dembitz

Nitzanit Dembitz

Independent Older Adults

Nitznit Dembitz was appointed head of JDC-Eshel's department developing services for Independent Older Adults in January 2017.

A partnership between JDC and the government of Israel, JDC-Eshel is tasked with formulating comprehensive responses to the complex challenges facing Israeli society as its population ages. With a projected population growth promising to be one of the most dramatic demographic transformations in the country’s history, JDC-Eshel continues to develop innovative services to allow Israel's older adults to age in dignity.

Prior to joining JDC-Eshel, Nitzanit worked for twelve years in various managerial roles in JDC-TEVET, which develops programs to relieve poverty through employment in five key populations: Ultra-Orthodox Jews; Arab-Israelis; Israelis with disabilities; new immigrants and disadvantaged young adults. In her last role, Nitzanit was responsible for the professional oversight of the twelve Mafteach employment centers for Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel that had been developed by TEVET.

Nitzanit earned a BA degree in Talmud and Sociology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and an MA in Labor Studies from Tel Aviv University. She is married with four children and lives in Jerusalem.