Students Creating Films about Old Age

Students Creating Films about Old Age

Eshel developed the program "Students Creating Films about Old Age' to raise awareness of issues related to old age through the production of feature films and documentaries by students of leading film schools in Israel. This program exposes students to the complexities of old age and aging, which they then portray creatively and innovatively onto the screen, and ultimately into the public's consciousness.



Aya and her Mother

Aya and her mother Trailer


The Window

The Window - Trailer


Chekhov's Everyman 

Chekhovs Everyman - Trailer


The Elevator 

המעלייה - קדימון / The Elevator - Trailer


After All 

After All - Trailer


Under the Tree 

מתחת לעץ - קדימון / Under The Tree - Trailer


Against the Reinheitsgebot 

Against the Reinheitsgebot - Trailer