A Message from Eshel's CEO

A Message from Eshel's CEO

People ask me why as a retired Brigadier General of Israel's Defense Forces and former Director General of the Jerusalem municipality, I have now chosen to focus my career on one of Israel's most pressing and complex social issues.

As the child of an orphaned survivor of Bergen Belsen concentration camp, and having been raised in a national-religious family in Israel – an appreciation and love for the Land of Israel and its people was instilled in me from an early age.

This drive motivated me from a young infantry soldier in the IDF, to directing the IDF's officer's school and commanding the paratroopers division, engaging world military powers as military liaison, and taking responsibility for the IDF's military strategy in its exclusive General Command Planning Division.

The prosperity of our country and its citizens remains close to my heart, and I have committed my life's work to improving it.

Aging is one of Israel's primary strategic challenges in the social economic field. We stand ill prepared ahead of one of the most dramatic demographic transformations in Israel's history – the doubling of our older adult population over the next 25 years.

The economic and social ramifications for our country's future are frightening at our current level of preparedness.

Eshel, under my leadership, is tasked with formulating comprehensive responses to the complex challenges facing Israeli society as its population ages - to develop innovative services to enable Israel's vulnerable, needy and frail older adults to age in dignity.

Together with my team of outstanding professionals and government partners, I am leading the mission to adequately prepare Israel for this reality.

I am committed to the cause, and invite you to join me in tackling this challenge.

I look forward to speaking with you.