How We Work

How We Work

Eshel's model fosters cooperation between the government, the diverse nonprofit sector and the business community by capitalizing on its proven ability to bring people around the table in a non-political way and enable them to work effectively together in caring for older adults. 

With these strategic partners, Eshel develops, expands, and adapts programs and program models to diverse communities throughout Israel. The programs affect a critical mass of vulnerable and often underserved older adult populations. Ultimately, Eshel transfers financial and operational responsibility of the programs to local and national partners, who then further disseminate the model. Eshel then remains in an advisory capacity that enables Eshel to research and address further unmet needs in the field.

The D-N-A Work Model 

JDC's DNA Social Development Model

Eshel develops each program according to a three-stage DNA process.

Eshel creates and launches programs by designing new solutions to existing social problems; nurturing the program through testing, evaluating and enhancing; and accelerating the program for national dissemination by passing the responsibility of the program to the government.