Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission, Vision, and Values


JDC-Eshel aims to improve the wellbeing of vulnerable older adults in Israel by advancing their autonomy, functional ability and independence. 

It will accomplish this by embedding a person-centered approach, providing a continuum of services, and assimilating coordinated care throughout the system.


Israel's older adults will enjoy a high quality of life and benefit from a services system that is advanced, excellent, and accessible; one that enables them to realize their desires, make the most of their abilities in all areas of life and live their lives in dignity.

Values of Action

Holistic Approach

We view the individual as a whole person and use a broad perspective that includes the social, mental, economic and health status of the individual.

Person-Centered Services

We place the person at the center of our services. We respect older adults' wishes and help them to maintain independence while making services more accessible to the needs of the older adult and their family.

Targeting Existing Infrastructure

We prioritize the expansion and upgrade of existing infrastructures. We will only establish new infrastructure when the current services cannot address the need at hand.

Universalism alongside a Focus on Vulnerable Populations

We use a universal approach for development but placing an emphasis on increasing the accessibility of services to socially and economically disadvantaged populations.

Economic Sustainability

We consider the economic sustainability and cost-benefit analysis of services in decisions on entering development of new services.